How do I create a creative website design?

How do I create a creative website design?


Are you a creative person living in this world? If yes, people will surely find the example of your work online. But, how can you put your creativity over there? All these thoughts might come up in your mind.

You can start up with a gallery. It comes like this as it’s a blank space with some images. Then, you get row up in the link to come up with some projects. After this, many people search for creative ideas on the web portal. These sites can help the website designer, artists, galleries and more.

All these ideas can set for millions of people. It can also prove as a source of income for many. Many people person brings the knowledge of point of view. It will surely make sure for creating the space online. It has unique approaches for people to experience interesting aspects. Here one can consider different things as mentioned in this article.

Organize the website differently, but still focus on usability

People are used to reasoning in a certain way, by following proven, widely-acknowledged thinking paths. Thus, best practices in web design formed their expectations as to where they can find what in a website. Online, their expectations are met by traditional website elements assembled in traditional manners.

Consider Your End Goal

Begin your planning with an online presence with the end goal in mind. It will help if you helped if you put your hope in accomplishing of work online. The main aim here side gets as share the best piece of writing with friends. Make down the internet wider and documents with enhanced creativity.

One can also prove more ambitious and specific. For example, you can sell down all ceramics with the hiring of a studio assistant. Here you can show off your best curatorial work to win with grants and residence. It has set the trend as per recent timings.

Goals could feel intimidating when it gets applied for creative practices. Therefore its important to consider the ends goals before putting work online. Why is setting the goal important? It’s because no goal can make people constrained.

All these get similar to designing of the constrain that have focus and inventive. It will ensure one with planning site in particular attainable manner. Also, it gets down as sustainable information for making practice.

How to create a goal for your creative web presence? 

For this, you need to follow up on mentioned steps which might come as follows:

  • Firstly take a deep breath and chill out.
  • Set the time of around 15 minutes. After this, start to write freely with some ideal workings. Later, it would help if you shared this work online. Hold on and start to judge with better outcomes. Make your mind pop up. Try writing around 5 to 10 ideas. It will give best write more specific. Suppose you feel stuck with one, then move on to the next.
  • You have completed the structure with writing. For this, you need to make a one-minute timer. After this review and write the outcome. It gets as your moment to get down with inner guide.
  • Spend about five minutes expanding each circle idea. After this, you can write a long and specific type of description. It will surely give more colour to your decided goal. It will result as a smart framework that will prove very helpful. It can ensure the two drafts with specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound.
  • Make use of the final five minutes to make a review with goals. One can make a decision in resonating, which can create space for work online. You can even take the reference with the addition of goals which get more existing. One can merge things all for making further sense.

Congratulations! You have already followed the great steps. Now follow a few more to create the awesome creative web design.

  • Identify your website’s audience. 

When you prefer to put the work online, it means a person add it up online. The similar case happens with your creative website.

No matter how small, the collection of images and links comes together. Therefore its important to notice the needs of future website visitors.

Make your site’s goal specific for your audience to focus on precise things. It will get down with the shape and content of your site. You can even spend some time in the imagination of the website’s ideal visitors. You can also write down the things that one experiences. For this, you can ask the following question yourself.

  1. For whom do you design the website?
  2. Where do all these people come up?
  3. Who are they? Does it come with artists, curators, a potential client, or anyone else?

It gets much beneficial to make an identification of your audience. It will help the people in your community to match their profile as your visitor. After this, one can work on the needs, motivation and wants of the people seeking online/

  • Research other websites 

You might have visited many other creative websites. Also, among these, you could easily remember one which has influenced your mind. Its worth if you prefer to visit these site again to see what make them successful.

Find out what the web presence look like and give a feel to people. Can you take inspiration from it to design your site? Keep the audience and your goal in mind to design your site. You will surely find the similarity and differences between them. One needs to focus on technical abilities and creative sensibilities.

  • Quickstart platform suggestions 

The site-building platform has a list with the below-mentioned customization themes. Therefore, it will help one to make needs of the design. In addition, one can get extensive documentation and support which get available on a particular platform.

Many sites offer a free version to users. But paying for a particular platform will give you more enhanced features. For example, it includes abilities to include the customer domain name. Here side you can note down the name of fame sites. Later, you can check down the work for each of them. All these sites will surely help you to make a creative web design.

  • WordPress
  • Shopify
  • Squarespace
  • Wix
  • Weebly
  • Basic HTML
  • Indexhibit
  • Github pages


You might have followed many of the sites as your reference for creating a creative web design. But for this, one can surely get follow up on the steps as mentioned in this article.