Hire Shopify Developers

Hire Shopify Developers for E-commerce Store Development

A Shopify developer is a web expert who can develop an E-commerce store with different themes and functionalities. These experienced developers help entrepreneurs to grow their businesses online.

And, Shopify is a SaaS E-Commerce platform that is based in the cloud. It is a shopping cart platform that the developers use to design an E-Commerce Store.

This incredible platform comes up with some essential features that provide everything that you need to build an online store. Most of the certified Shopify developers are ready to assist with Shopify Stores and Apps Development.

In this blog, we are going to discuss different aspects to hire a Shopify developer for E-Commerce store development. If you are looking to hire someone to build a Shopify store, then this blog is for you. Let’s check the details.

Steps to Hire Shopify Expert

Shopify experts play an important role in developing business stores online. As an owner of a Shopify store, you need to hire a Shopify expert who can help you with the store setup and payment gateways. Let’s check the steps.

  • Prepare your Business Plan: – Firstly, you need to prepare a business plan and check when and where you need extra hands.
  • What exactly you need: – You need to be sure about the services you need from a Shopify expert. It is not a good idea to go without a proper plan.
  • How much is your budget:  It is important to check your budget. You should decide on your budget that you can spend on hiring.
  • Find a Shopify Expert: – The next step is to send your enquiries to hire a Shopify expert and get the applications from the eligible candidates.
  • Interview the expert: – The next you need to do is to interview the experts to check their skills as per the need of your project.
  • Discuss the Scope of Work: – Now, you need to discuss the scope of work like the functionalities you need and what is the timeline to deliver the project.
  • Decide on Budget: – The next important step is to decide on the budget. You need to check if the Shopify developer is available to work within your budget or not.
  • Make a Contract: – After finalizing all the steps, you need to hire a Shopify expert officially.  You should make a contract defining all the important things. Both parties shall agree on the terms and sign the contract. 

Keep Communicating until Wrap-Up: – This is the last and important step. You should keep in communication with your developer regularly until the project is successfully done and closed.

Why you should hire a Shopify Expert?

If you want to start an online business then you need to make an online store. And to make an online store you need to hire someone to build a Shopify store. You can also hire a WordPress Developer who knows the functions of Shopify.

Services provided by a Shopify Developer

Shopify is a low-maintenance and user-friendly platform for online businesses. If you want to know the services provided by a Shopify developer then check the following list. These are the main services.

  • E-Commerce Store Development
  • Theme Development and Plugin Customization
  • Product Catalog and Management
  • Order Management and Website Integration
  • Customer Management and Payment Gateway Integration
  • Shopify SEO and Extension Management
  • Migration Support and Maintenance
  • Mobile App Management
  • Secure Payment and Customer Info Management

How much does a Shopify Developer Charge ?

If you want to hire a Shopify developer and are not sure how much they charge then we are here to help you. The cost to hire a Shopify expert depends on the experience and different skills of the developers.

And, a freelance web developer charges a different cost for Shopify Store Developments as per required functionalities and their skills.

More experienced and professional Shopify experts charge a higher price and the new and freelance Shopify experts will charge less. So, there is no fixed price that we can be sure about charging by the Shopify developers. Most importantly, the cost to hire a Shopify expert is always negotiable.

How much does a Freelance Shopify Developer Charge for a Project?

Every freelance Shopify developer charges differently. The cost is depending on their experience and skills and the functionalities required by the client.

A new freelancer will charge $15 per hour, an intermediate will charge up to $35 per hour, and an expert freelance Shopify developer will charge approx $95 per hour.

And, the fixed price range can be between $500 to over $25,000. 

In Conclusion

In this blog, we explain about hiring a Shopify developer for e-commerce store development. We hope that you get the topic you were seeking.

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