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Best Woo-Commerce Payment Gateways for WordPress Website

WordPress is one of the best Content Management Systems that is widely used to develop highly functional and responsive websites. And, if you are looking for the best woo-commerce payment gateways for a WordPress website then you are on the right page. In this blog, we will present you with some of the best payment options to use in woo-commerce websites while using WordPress.

Even though, there are different tools available to help create these highly functional websites. WordPress consider these tools as themes and plugins and many of them are available to use for free. These themes and plugins have the ability to enhance the functions of a website in many ways.

Recently, WordPress has been emerged as a powerful platform to create e-commerce websites as well. Woo-commerce is a proven goldmine for online businesses and now you can use this technology to quickly build websites and easily maintain them.

And, in this fast-pacing world, everyone needs a quick solution for everything and that is applied on the payment gateways of the online shopping sites. If you own a woo-commerce website then you must give it the gateways of payments that are popular nationwide and other international payment options if you are doing global shipping.

You must also have multiple payment sources and 24/7 shopper support for the payments. Easy and fast online payment options help keep happy merchants and a higher success rate of your online business. So, in this blog, we are mentioning some of the popular and best woo-commerce payment gateways for WordPress Websites. Let’s take a look at the following payment gateways for a website.

1.Stripe: – This is one of the most popular woo-commerce gateways to accept payments on your website through credit cards. And the best thing about Woo-commerce is that it comes with built-in support to choose stripe as a payment gateway. In addition, stripe supports all popular credit and debit cards in the world and customers can also pay using popular UPIs like Apple Pay, Ali Pay, and Google Pay.

Moreover, this gateway is available in more than 40 countries and supports more than 135 currencies. It offers a better experience to the customers during checkout. And, it can work smoothly on mobile as well.

2. PayPal: – For the e-commerce stores, PayPal is the most popular payment gateway available. Woo-commerce comes with built-in support for PayPal and it offers a variety of services that are suitable for personal use, business use, and e-commerce use as well.

Although it is available in many countries, it has some restrictions. So, before choosing PayPal for your online store, make sure that it is supported in your country and the countries of your target audiences.

Most importantly, it does require a business account for transactions and will not give the customers a direct checkout experience. You will be redirected to the PayPal merchant webpage to complete the purchasing process.

3. Square: – Now, it is an excellent payment gateway for the woo-commerce stores especially for the stores with physical locations with delivery and storage options. But, it does not available in many countries but only in U.S., UK, Canada, Australia, and Japan and its transaction fees varies in each country.

This extension of payment syncs products between your website and your square account. And, it supports recurring payments when used with woo-commerce subscription extensions.

4. Braintree: – If you like the idea of using PayPal Standard and PayPal Pro and want to offer the subscriptions then Braintree is the right solution for you. It is a company of PayPal itself that gives you trust and confidence in using PayPal.

In addition, it does not cost you a monthly fee and it supports all major credit and debit cards and wallets and UPIs. It also gives the customers a better option to save their payment details for an easy shopping experience. Moreover, Braintree for Woo-commerce extension is available for free to use.

5. Razor Pay: – It is a solid payment gateway option to integrate with woo-commerce stores that are especially based in India. It provides a secure and personalized payment environment to the customers. In addition, it accepts payments through all types of Credit and Debit cards, APIs, UPIs, and Wallets.

Furthermore, it allows payments through 92 countries in the world and goes well with international cards. And, it gives a customized checkout experience to the customers.

To Sum Up

If you are lacking the payment gateways for your online stores then these above-explained best woo-commerce payment gateways for WordPress websites will help you greatly. Learn about them in detail and then make a decision because a payment gateway is a very important decision.
And, these gateways will have long-term effects on the sustainability and success of your online store.
It is good for every business to accept payment gateways regardless of your operating nation. You must choose the right option for your website.